Parasites of Man Parasites of Man
The bed bug is a well travelled worldwide pest associated with buildings that have a high turnover of visitors, ie hotels, hostels, B and B’s etc. They can arrive in clothing and baggage after travelling. Bed bugs feed on human blood and are nocturnal so are rarely seen, but the obvious give aways are the red spot irritations of the skin that occur after being bitten. Bed bugs generally harbour in head boards of beds, electrical fittings such as power sockets and all within easy reach of the human host. Another sure sign of bed bug activity are blood spots that can be seen on bedding and pillow cases.
Treatment of these pests vary from fumigation, spraying and dusting.
Cat, bird and human fleas are active throughout the day and night and have an ability to jump onto their host. Household pets are often the factor in flea infestations and therefore dogs and cats should be de-fleaed on a regular basis.
Control is achieved through ULV and smoke fumigation treatments.