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Brown RatsBrown rats
Usually ground living but has ability to climb buildings. As rats are omnivorous... More Info

Feral PigeonsFeral pigeons
These can carry a deadly disease known as ornithosis. The obvious problems due... More Info

The most common flies found in premises are the house (and lesser house) fly, bluebottle, greenbottle and... More Info

Pharaohs AntsPharaohs Ants
Nest location is generally deep seated in cavities in heated buildings and are associated with... More Info

Stored Product InsectsStored Product Insects
This group of insects are rarely found in the home but are more associated with food production... More Info

Parasites of ManParasites of Man
The bed bug is a well travelled worldwide pest associated with buildings that have a high turnover of... More Info

House MiceHouse mice
Habitat is usually indoors, found under floorboards, cavity walls and lofts. Their main diet is... More Info

The two most common cockroaches found in the UK are the German cockroach (blattella germanica) and... More Info

Garden AntsGarden Ants
Nest locations are generally outdoors in soil and paving slabs on sunny side of buildings. Mating between... More Info

Wasps and HornetsWasps and Hornets
Wasp queens hibernate over winter in soil and will emerge in spring to begin nest construction. The queen will... More Info

Textile PestsTextile Pests
Are characterised by the ability to digest the protein keratin which is found in hair, feathers, cotton... More Info

Squirrels and Glis GlisSquirrels and Glis Glis
These vertebrate pests are generally not considered a pest until they decide to take up residence in a... More Info

Beaconsfield pest control can be found in yellow pages and 118 247. Areas covered include South Buckinghamshire and North West London. All chemicals and rodenticides used conform to safe use of pesticides and DEFRA guidelines.

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